How to reset Gmail Password [step by step guide]

hey, today I will explain the procedure to reset Gmail Password.

when you forgot your Gmail password or not able to sign in to your Gmail, then you have reset Gmail password.

for this, you have to proceed with your Gmail address. let’s go to the procedure.

open Gmail recovery page

enter your Gmail address or mobile number associated with your Gmail account and then click Next.

reset gmail password

it goes to next page and asks for your last [in past] password.

if you remember any older password there you can enter.

here you can choose another method to verify it if you are not remembered your older passwords. click on another way button.

reset gmail password

it will ask these security questions because to test whether this Gmail yours or not

in the case, if you have linked your mobile to this Gmail, then you can select an option to send OTP to your linked mobile. after verification of your Gmail with mobile OTP, you can create your new password.

if you remembered when you created your Gmail account, then you can select account creation date option

if you linked any other email as recovery email, then you can choose an option to send a link to recovery mail. enter your recovery mail and submit it. Google sends you a link to your recovery mail, just click it and verify. then you can create a new password.

so in this way, you have to conform to Google as this is your Gmail id.

after successful confirmation, with one of the above methods, you can set a new password to your Gmail account.

I hope this guide on how to reset Gmail password will help you. if you love this article, plz share it with your friends.

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