Master the Gmail using these Tips & Tricks

hey, in today article I will produce some tips and tricks to master the Gmail.

Gmail is a Google’s free email service.

nowadays everyone having a Gmail.

according to Techcrunch study, Gmail now has more than 1B monthly active users.

using Gmail effectively and productively is important to all Gmail users.

let’s move on to Gmail tips and tricks.

Creating a Gmail account

Creating a Gmail account is a very simple process. it is like form filling. you have to submit your basic details like first name, last name, email address, password, gender, and mobile number.

Enable Gmail Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications are popup notifications. you will receive these notifications when you receive the new email. you no need to open again and again to check the new email coming. you can continue your work. when you receive a new email this will push up notification.

Change Gmail Profile Picture

upload your photo as a profile picture. it is important to recognize you. people will easily remember you if you put your photo as a profile picture. I recommend you to upload the professional photo of you as a profile picture.

Change Gmail Password

it is very important to change your Gmail password frequently. when you log on to your Gmail from other locations, then it is good to change your Gmail password.

Reset Gmail Password

when you have forgotten your Gmail password, then you have to follow the Gmail Password reset guide. there you will come with some security questions related to your Gmail account. you have to answer those questions properly to reset your Gmail password.

Send Confidential Messages in Gmail

from day to day life, we have to send the secret or confidential messages to our friends or clients. in that case, we have to send the emails with password protection or with expire headers. you can easily send confidential messages in Gmail using this guide.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

Nowadays everyone wants to complete their work very fast. in Gmail also there are shortcuts to simplify and speed up your work. use these shortcuts to speed up your Gmail work.

Create a Gmail Signature

Gmail signature is a piece of text or a combination of text and image. it will be added automatically at bottom of every new mail sent.

I hope this guide on Gmail Tips and Tricks will help you.

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