Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

hey, today I will explain about Gmail Keyboard shortcuts.

everyone wants to do the work fast. if you want to do work fast on your computer, you have to use the right tools with right usage. one of the most method in speed up the work is using the shortcuts. you can save a lot of time with the use of keyboard shortcuts

Gmail also has the feature of keyboard shortcuts. let’s go further

How to turn on Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

open your browser and go to Gmail

at the right top corner, click on the gear [settings] icon

scroll down to keyboard shortcuts section

select keyboard shortcuts on

at the bottom, click the save changes. now you have successfully enabled the keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.

now I will say some useful shortcuts.

you can also customize these shortcuts i.e you can set as you want

Compose & chat

Gmail keyboard shortcuts

Formatting Text
Gmail keyboard shortcuts

gmail keyboard shortcuts


gmail keyboard shortcuts

you can also customize the Gmail keyboard shortcuts, I will produce a detailed guide on this topic in the next article.

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