How to Enable Gmail Desktop Notifications [step by step]

hey guys, today I will explain about enable Gmail desktop notifications. you can turn on and off this as you want.

desktop notifications nothing but you will receive a notification in your browser if you receive a new mail.

here you no need to open your mail inbox every time because you will receive notification about new mail even you have closed the mail tab and surfing the internet.

open your browser, I recommend you to use the Google Chrome.

open Gmail, sign-in if you are not sign-in to your account.

at top right corner, you will observe the settings gear icon, click that.

scroll down to desktop notifications section

there you will find three options New mail notification on, important mail notification on, mail notifications turn off.

select the first option new mail notification on.

for disabling desktop notifications, you have to select the third option

at the bottom of the page, click the save changes button.

ya, you have successfully enabled the desktop notifications for your Gmail.

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