How to Create a Gmail Account (step by step Guide with Pictures)

Gmail is the Google’s Free Email Service.

The Google offers free email service with the name Gmail.

if you want to use the Google Services like YouTube, Drive etc with the best experience, you need to login to your google account. you can log in to your Google Products using Gmail. here Google account means Gmail.

in this tutorial, you will find a detailed guide on creating a Gmail account.

  1. Open your browser. I recommend you to use the Google Chrome Browser
  2. Type the URL in the address bar
  3. it will go to sign in form if you are already Gmail user you can sign in here. to create new Gmail account you have to click on the bottom link Create account. you can observe below screenshotgmail sign in form
  4. After clicking on Create account it goes to Gmail registration form. the form looks like below registration form
  5. in this sign up enter your first name and last name
  6. you have to enter the username. this is the unique address and it is your Gmail id. I recommend you to create username as the professional.
  7. after this, you have to create the password for your Gmail
  8. after entering all these fields, click on the next verifaction for gmail
  9. another window will appear. in this, you have to verify your mobile. for this, enter your mobile number at this field then click next button. you will receive OTP on your mobile, enter it there and verify the mobile.
  10. done. now you have created your Gmail account successfully.

I hope this guide on how to create a Gmail account will help you. if you love this article, plz share with your friends.

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