7 Powerful Ways to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Do you have a blog? that’s great news. you can share your knowledge with the world. of course, you can make money using your blog. for this, your blog must have sufficient traffic. in today article I will teach you 7 powerful ways to use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog. Nowadays, everyone using smartphone and computer. […]

How to Display Recent Posts in WordPress Blog? (2018)

hey, are you using WordPress for your blog? then you can customize your blog as you want. in today article, I will explain a method to display recent posts on WordPress Blog. let discuss before going to adding, we will discuss the advantage of adding this recent posts widget in WordPress obviously, it increases some more traffic […]

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress?

do you have a youtube channel and planning to increase your subscribers. then why you are not converting your blog visitors into your youtube channel subscribers. in this article, I will explain a method to convert your website visitors into youtube subscribers by adding youtube subscribe button in WordPress. the blog visitors can directly be […]

How to Fix 404 Not Found Error in WordPress? (2018)

hey, are you using WordPress for your blog. that’s great you can customize your blog as you want. there are some common errors arise in WordPress platform.one of the popular error is the 404 not found error. in this article, I will tell you a solution to come out from this error. the 404 error you […]

How to Embed Youtube Videos in WordPress Posts?

are you using WordPress platform for your blog, then good. you can customize and add extra functions with plugins as you like.are you searching a solution to embed youtube videos in WordPress posts, then this article helps you. before going to this how-to guide, I will explain the benefits by adding youtube videos in your posts. […]

9 Tips to Increase your Facebook Page Likes (2018)

Facebook is the most used social media network in the world.around a billion active users on Facebook daily. now every business or personnel having a facebook page to reach more audience. for those likes of that page is important. obviously, if you have more likes, you can reach more audience easily. in today article, I will […]

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